Takenback - 3/4/12

I’ve done the same research on the web. Many statin users who are tested are vitamin deficient and see great improvement when they get their vitamins back in

balance. Drug companies don’t want to acknowledge that drugs and vitamins can work together for better health.



Savvy221 - 6/12/11

I’ve done tons of research on statins after experiencing the same side effects. Why don’t the manufacturers train the doctors on vitamin deficiencies caused by statins? Wouldn’t that

make more sense than having their patients stop taking their drugs or switch to something else?



Jch5489 - 5/15/11

Your background information describes my situation exactly. I have a family history of high cholesterol and heart problems. I started a statin drug and my cholesterol dropped from

almost 300 to an acceptable range. I was very happy about the results. About two years later, I was in for an annual check up and asked my doctor if I should be on arthritis medicine

because of all of the back pain I had. I was taking 9 to 15 ibuprofen tablets a day and was afraid of liver damage. I just thought...